6 Mar 2023 02:00

03/05/2023: Please Let Me Die, AI Chatbots, David Byrne

Thousands of Ukrainians are being held captive by Russia as prisoners of war, and, according to the UN, many are being tortured. Scott Pelley interviewed three women soldiers who were recently released including a military doctor who was pregnant during captivity. The soldiers share their harrowing, heart breaking and heroic stories of life in prison as well as the first moments of freedom. Lesley Stahl explores the potential benefits and threats of AI-powered chatbots. Stahl meets with Microsoft’s Brad Smith to learn more about their newly launched AI search engine and chatbot, Bing. Anderson Cooper profiles David Byrne, the lead singer and songwriter of Talking Heads, the influential post-punk rock band of the late 1970s and 80s. The band broke up more than thirty years ago, and ever since, Byrne has been on his own eclectic journey blurring the boundaries of music, theater, and art. At 70, he’s as creative, energetic, and unusual as ever.

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