8 Mar 2022 02:00

40: CardPointers - Emmanuel Crouvisier

Emmanuel Crouvisier joins the show to talk about creating and growing the credit card rewards tracking app CardPointers. Links & Show Notes Emmanuel's Twitter (https://twitter.com/emcro) CardPointers (https://cardpointers.com) RevenueCat (https://www.revenuecat.com) Curtis Herbert (https://twitter.com/parrots) Christian Selig (https://twitter.com/ChristianSelig) Jordi Bruin (https://twitter.com/jordibruin) Soosee (App) (https://jordibruin.github.io/food-scanner/) More Launched Website - launchedfm.com (https://launchedfm.com) Twitter - @LaunchedFM (https://twitter.com/launchedfm) Reddit - /r/LaunchedFM (https://www.reddit.com/r/LaunchedFM/)


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