3 Mar 2022 11:00

Angular On The Desktop - AiA 341

If your Angular needs a home, look no further than your own desktop! In this episode, the group talks to Sam Basu to learn ALL the deets about integrating Angular into your desktop properly. They lay out how PWAs CAN work (if done correctly), the big differences between cross-platform vs. one basket, and why 2022 is gonna be a GOOD year for Angular. “The desire to see ‘web stuff’ on native is nothing new, and it’s good to have choices in Angular.” - Sam Basu In This Episode 1) How PWAs ARE an option for Angular on desktop this year (follow these tips to do it right) 2) Why the answer to “How do I integrate these tools?” is only TWO words long 3) The BIG differences between integrating cross-platform vs. all into one basket 4) Exciting Angular developments this year that you DESERVE to know ASAP (including .NET MAUI…you’re welcome!) Sponsors Top End Devs (https://topenddevs.com/) Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial (https://raygun.com/?utm_medium=podcast&utm_source=adventuresangular&utm_campaign=devchat&utm_content=homepage) Coaching | Top End Devs (https://topenddevs.com/coaching) Links Modern Developer Ramblings (https://samidipbasu.com/) Picks Charles- 7 Wonders Duel | Board Game | BoardGameGeek (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/173346/7-wonders-duel) Charles- Encanto | Disney Movies (https://movies.disney.ph/encanto) Charles- Airmeet (https://www.airmeet.com/) Charles- Workshops and meetups at topenddevs.com (https://topenddevs.com/)! Sam- Let’s break bread to connect and get more people involved with technology Sam- Jack Ryan | Amazon Prime (https://www.amazon.com/Tom-Clancys-Jack-Ryan-Season/dp/B089TVN27Q) Subrat- “Business Connected” episode about digits Special Guest: Sam Basu.


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