9 Nov 2022 12:01

BONUS 143: Our very first...Private Caller

This is a very special bonus episode, nope not because Jamie does a Chewbaca impression, nor because the boys have an impromptu spelling bee, and not even because the boys tell us about their most embarrassing moments (there are many). It's because we have our very first Private Caller today! We had the lovely listener Louisa, ring in to the podcast to reveal her confession about what happened on holiday. Listen to the ep to find out what went down...

Private Parters - if you want to be next week's Private Caller send in your most hilarious, outrageous and deepest and darkest confessions. Send them to our Instagram @privatepodcast and our favourite confessions will win some splendid Private Parts merch!

Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


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