Episode 121 David Carter In the Fall of 2018, 39 Year-Old David Carter of Melvindale, Michigan was a busy man. He worked a full time job, and had his own clothing line; Lavish Habits Unlimited. He even found time to coach youth football. He also had been in a relationship for 6 months with Tamera 'Tammy' Williams. But David, as busy as he was, was never too busy for his family who he was close with, especially his son DJ. He looked forward to DJ's visits, which is why it was surprising to DJ and DJ's mom Sonia when they both got texts from David saying he was sick and was canceling plans. DJ decided to go over to his father's apartment to get his phone charger, and that's when DJ had an odd encounter with his dad's girlfriend, Tammy. DJ saw Tammy outside of his dad's apartment and when she saw DJ coming, she ran inside and locked the door. DJ used his own key to let himself inside, and Tammy told DJ that his dad, despite being sick, had gone for a walk. DJ felt something was off and noticed that doors inside the apartment that usually were kept open were shut. DJ left the apartment but he had a bad feeling. On October 2, 2018 after a friend called David's family to voice concerns that he had not been to work in a couple days, David's sister Tasia and her husband went to his apartment and found it unlocked but there was no sign of David. Alarmed, Tasia called her and David's father Elton and DJ's mom Sonia to come over to help look for David. They were alarmed that the apartment wasn't tidy as it usually was. They called Tammy to ask if she had seen David, and she said she hadn't and she didn't seem too concerned that David was missing, David's family reported him missing to police, and when police and David's family searched the apartment closely, they found troubling signs that something bad had happened; including blood, and a bullet hole. The previous day, Department of Transportation workers found human remains, specifically a “lower torso and legs” inside of a sleeping bag in Eagle Township, Ohio over 100 miles away from David’s apartment There was a pit bull tattoo on the left leg. That tattoo aided in identification of the partial remains as belonging to David Carter. The news was devastating for David’s family. David's girlfriend was brought in by police and detained for 3 days before being released due to a lack of evidence. On October 10th, David’s head was found in a black duffel bag and on October 16th, his hands and the rest of his torso were found wrapped inside a comforter inside a small suitcase. Both discoveries were made in Ohio along I-75. This allowed investigators to see that his killer had shot him once in the head, just below his left ear. There were no defensive wounds at all, leading investigators to believe that he had been shot while he was asleep. Having all of David’s remains now, and knowing he was the victim of a homicide, police went back to arrest Tammy as the suspect in his murder. But there was a big problem. Tammy had fled, and today, her whereabouts are unkown. Authorities followed her trail to Chicago, and then New York where her the trail went cold. David's family is devastated by his murder and it's been made worse due to the prime suspect in his case fleeing, In this episode, David's sister Tasia discusses David's tragic murder, and how it's affected their family. David's case was featured on Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries in the Fall of 2022, but despite the publicity, Tammy remains on the run. There is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to Tamera Renee Williams’ arrest. Tammy is an adult black female, 5 foot 5, around 180 - 200 pounds at the time she was last seen. She has a large tattoo of roses from her elbow to her shoulder on her left arm. call the US Marshals Tip Line at 313-234-5600 or you can submit a tip online at usmarshals.gov/tips To support this podcast with a donation, you can do so via Patreon at:


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