EP-102 How to Lose the Weight Now & Keep it Off

A few hot tips I've learned along my twenty years in fit modeling, writing, editing, cooking and food: - let go over over-eating gross proceeded foods - stop purchasing them all together - swap to olive oil and or less fats and better pans - invest in great cookware that is eco friendly and safe- like green pans - if you workout at least 5x a week - you can typically eat whatever you'd like! - Go workout especially when you hate it or when you don't want to - it will always turn your day around! - Learn how to cook great meals with veggies! It will keep your waist svelte for good - Learn to cook with more kale, avocados, sweet potatoes and all dark leafy greens - My best books for weight loss: Clean Green Eats, Kintsugi Wellness, Clean Green Drinks, Pretty Delicious, Cook Yourself Sexy - Your community will keep you well or unwell - Choose who you workout with wisely - start yoga at home - keep it light & or try class pass - just start now - Find friends and classes that make you feel like sunshine - Stop following gross narcissistic people - get off of social media - the way you look is NOT that important - looks eventually do fade my friends - look to character and wise morals//values in others - Don't gain the weight this holiday - look to discipline - Hara Hatchi Bu 80% full only in Japanese - Spirituality is what will keep your mind right - if you aren't following a spiritually well practice - you won't be your very best self with love and thanks for listening xx ck


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