23 Jan 2023 09:50

Ep 302: Kinks & Trauma (Ft. Samia Burton)

Trigger Warning This episode discusses sexual assault and trauma and may not be suitable for all listeners.On this week’s episode, the duo is joined by Samia Burton, host of Not Just Another Sex Podcast. The trio dive into some sexual tiktok trends for the Vanilla Sh%t before pulling a wild dating story gone bad from Samia. She shares a kink sex tip for everyone before diving in on how she relates some of her kinks to past traumatic experiences.Follow this week’s guest on social media: 

Instagram @sexual.essentials @miabuggzy and listen to her brand new podcast “Not Just Another Sex Podcast” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Listen here on Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/not-just-another-sex-podcast/id1341920008Follow the hosts on social media Weezy @Weezywtf & Mandii B @Fullcourtpumps and follow the Whoreible Decisions pagesInstagram @whoreible_decisionsTwitter @whoreiblepodJoin Weezy and Mandii IN LONDON! Join the ladies on Valentine's Day February 14th Live in London with special guest Oloni! Get your tickets now at swacent.shoobs.com

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