EP- 94 How to Heal from Your Phone and Tech Addiction

Useful tips on how to reduce your phone usage and get off apps all - freakin- day- long. Ten years of a serious phone and tech addiction is enough - its time to lay off the phone: Let's take better responsibility of our own mental health and for our youth, too - and improve your outlook on life and share this useful info with others. We can better disconnect from tech and phones - we have to take small *actionable* steps + share these with BFF's *Actionable tips* Journaling - journal the things you are grateful for, list off the people you love in your life - even if its just scribbling out all the thoughts you have Cooking from books - put the phone away when you are cooking - try "Clean Green Eats" Nature - walking, hiking, solved by walking - make decisions after a walk and after a good night's sleep Gardening with no phone A Sabbatical - a break from work, the phone and email - try it! Workout without phone - dont take it into class - for fuck's sake Reading books - turn the phone off Talking to a friend - brunch no phones Become a part of a runners club or a rec sports team no phone Dinner no phones - pay attention to who you are dining with - connect with them in the present Pray and meditate no phones Have more sex and playtime Travel more and book more trips + learn about your culture off the phone Let's do a better job of the information and stories we share: education, reading, books, writing/sharing better public service journalism- not all media and/or podcasts are focused on clickbait and thirst traps + addictions to attention - we are over it! -- sometimes it's important to turn the shit off and tune back in to reality off the batt. Try a weekend from FRI- MON am with no phone, turn it off, put it away. - trust me you will love it. - Please review this podcast with 5 stars on Apple and Spotify + thank you for listening xx Candice


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