EP-96 How to Improve Mental Health: Especially if you are Jealous & Angry

-mental wellness is like a muscle- you have to use it and flex it! -try non reaction -try to look at resentments as opportunities to learn and grow -channel your anger into a creative and new path -look to forgiveness as we will all be wronged in this life and that's ok - you'll prob wrong a few people, too we're not saints here -keep an open mind towards others and stop negative talk -stop comparing to others -flex mental wellness by supporting other women with action -be of service to others and help a friend out each week -look to ppl your admire! hang with them, more! -do the things and go the places that spark more love in your heart -your mental wellness journey isn't for others or showing off, its for you, only thank you for listening. Check out: comvita.com CODE: CANDICE25 for 25% off your manuka xx ck


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