Episode 113 - Hugh Weldon is the Horticultural Manager at Villanova University.

Hugh Weldon gained early knowledge of horticulture working on vegetable farms in Ireland – his home country. He earned a horticulture certificate from the practical experience he gained which led him to a supervisory position with a landscape nursery with 30 staff members. He was in the position for 5 years. Hugh then worked as a foreman in a flower and bulb nursery for two years where he continued to broaden his horticulture background.

He emigrated to the U.S., for greater opportunities in the horticulture industry in 1993 and worked with an arborist learning all aspects of tree care, planting, pruning, and removal. With tree experience under his belt, Hugh worked with a company to learn numerous aspects of landscape maintenance of residential and business properties which included snow removal.

In 1995 Hugh applied for a grounds position at Villanova University and continued his education earning a Horticulture Degree from Temple University. After several promotions and numerous years of work, Hugh became the Horticultural Supervisor followed by Horticultural Manager. He can now say he has been happily tending the staff and the landscape at Villanova University for over 27 years.

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