20 Feb 2024 09:00

José Andrés on the Healing Power of Food

José Andrés was born and raised in Spain and has brought his love of Spanish cuisine to successful restaurants in New York City and Washington DC. While he now has dozens of dining establishments in a host of different cities, what really sets him apart is the work he’s done with World Central Kitchen. Founded in 2010 in response to the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, World Central Kitchen has gone on to feed survivors of hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires all around the world, as well as countless people traumatized by war. In this episode, José talks to Sid about the many kitchens of his childhood, how cooking for those in peril is both an act of relief and a chance to learn, and how longer tables are perhaps the closest thing to a perfect place on Earth. For more info visit: southernliving.com/biscuitsandjam Biscuits & Jam is produced by: Sid Evans - Editor-in-Chief, Southern Living Krissy Tiglias - GM, Southern Living Lottie Leymarie - Executive Producer Michael Onufrak - Audio Engineer/Producer Jeremiah McVay - Producer Jennifer Del Sole - Director of Audio Growth Strategy & Operations Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


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