27 Jul 2020 10:00

Keeping Farmers in Focus in a COVID 19 World

Keeping Farmers in Focus with the latest on the COVID 19 Crisis and how farming communities are coping with the crisis. We spoke to IFAD’s President Gilbert Hongbou. We also took a at the world of livestock farming with Antonio Rotta, to explore what the hot issues are and where the innovations are coming from. Plus we visited livestock projects in Kenya with Guyo Roba in Nairobi. Also we talked to the boss of the 4 per thousand initiative, Paul Luu – about how healthy soils can act as a carbon sink. Then we featured ag-tech start up Inidigo with news on how they help farmers earn money through better soil management and carbon credits. Plus heard from IFAD’s projects across Asia and how they’re dealing with the COVID 19 situation, with reports from Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.

For more information, visit us at http://www.ifad.org/podcasts/episode10


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