17 Nov 2023 07:40

Robert Hanssen: The Spy Within - An Interview with Major Garrett

In this captivating bonus episode of Criminal Conduct, we sit down with CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett, a veteran journalist with an astute understanding of America's most complex criminal cases. Major Garrett delves into the double life of Robert Hanssen, a man who led a dark, deceitful existence at the heart of American intelligence. Hanssen, a former FBI agent, committed unthinkable acts of betrayal against his country, becoming known as the most damaging spy in FBI history. Garrett, with his incisive analysis and extensive knowledge, unravels the chilling truth behind Hanssen's motives and actions. He explains how Hanssen's espionage severely compromised national security and led to a complete overhaul of internal procedures within the FBI and the intelligence community. This episode is not just a recounting of historical facts but a deep dive into the psychological and emotional aspects of Hanssen's life. Garrett discusses the intricate web of deceit, the dual life Hanssen led, and the impact his actions had on his family and colleagues. Subscribe to Agent of Betrayal: https://wondery.com/shows/agent-of-betrayal-the-double-life-of-robert-hanssen/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


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