30 May 2024 06:00

Ron Howard • The Optimism of Telling Human Stories

Ron Howard is one of the most prolific and celebrated filmmakers of the last fifty years. This week, Howard and host Charlotte Alter dive deep into his decades-long career in front of and behind the camera. Howard shares the inspiration behind his latest documentary film, “Jim Henson: Idea Man,” and what drove his decision to chronicle the life and work of a fellow Hollywood legend. The pair explore how Howard’s films reflect the eras in which they were made, the complex stories and characters that captivate us all, and why many of Howard’s films lack a traditional villain. Howard shares his insights on maintaining optimism in storytelling, balancing a prolific career with parenthood, and the invaluable advice he's received from industry legends. He also discusses how his documentary work enhances his narrative films, the inspiration behind his upcoming film "Eden," and the joy of experiencing his films through the eyes of his grandchildren. Tune in for an intimate look into one of Hollywood’s most enduring and beloved minds. 

• "Jim Henson: Idea Man" is available on Disney+ on May 31.

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