14 Mar 2023 10:38

Russian warplane in collision with US drone

An unmanned American surveillance drone has crashed in the Black Sea, in an incident involving two Russian fighter jets. The US and Russia have given very different accounts of what happened. Also in the programme: almost 200 people have been killed in Malawi as Tropical Storm Freddy continues to bare down on south-east Africa; and President Joe Biden has chosen the community of Monterey Park to announce new measures on stricter background checks for gun ownership - he's using a presidential decree to bring them in. (Photo: A US MQ-9 drone is on display during an air show at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. A Russian fighter jet struck the propeller of a US MQ-9 drone surveillance drone over the Black Sea, causing American forces to bring down the unmanned aerial vehicle in international waters, the US military said, an incident that highlighted soaring US-Russian tensions over Moscow's war in Ukraine. Credit: AP Photo/Massoud Hossaini)


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