Savoury Vapes Rising: Community Justice is Served (A Trashfuture New Years)

It’s the free one! Riley, Milo, and Alice ring in the new year by looking at the Economist’s rosy predictions in an alternate universe where Britain magically becomes fine due to the power of positive thinking and sharp dressing. We also look at some developments in Scotland, and Labour’s plan to give every homeowner control of Trident to deal with the rampant issue of young people loitering. Finally, we round off by looking at a new Yacht Neom DLC. If you want access to our Patreon bonus episodes, early releases of free episodes, and powerful Discord server, sign up here: *WEB DESIGN ALERT* Tom Allen is a friend of the show (and the designer behind our website). If you need web design help, reach out to him here: Trashfuture are: Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani), Nate (@inthesedeserts), and Alice (@AliceAvizandum)


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