Take Your Uncle to Work Day feat. Nish Kumar

This week, we've brought comedian Nish Kumar on for his regular torture treatment: being forced to hear the plot of a British politician's thriller novel. In this case, it's Ian Duncan Smith's 'The Devil's Tune' and it's easily the worst of any of these we've ever done. Hope you enjoy! *AUSTRALIA ALERT* We’re currently in Australia, and there are tickets available for the show in Canberra: https://au.patronbase.com/_StreetTheatre/Productions/TFLP/Performances *BRITAINOLOGY ALERT* We’ve added a live show in Melbourne on the 19th of November in which Nate and Milo will present Britainology! Get tickets here: https://tccinc.sales.ticketsearch.com/sales/salesevent/79853


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