The Canals of Neom: TF Live in Sydney feat. Tom Walker and Demi Lardner

It's the free one! Our friends Tom Walker and Demi Lardner are certified Neom-heads. They simply can't get enough of The Line. And as a result, we saved all the best Neom content we could in order to subject them to it at our live show at The Great Club in Marrickville, Sydney, Australia on November 10. We absolutely loved this show and hope you do, too. *MILO ALERT* Here are links to see Milo’s upcoming standup shows: *AUSTRALIA ALERT* We’re currently in Australia, and there are tickets available for shows in Canberra: *BRITAINOLOGY ALERT* We’ve added a live show in Melbourne on the 19th of November in which Nate and Milo will present Britainology! Get tickets here:


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