19 Jan 2024 11:00

075: Let's Run with Jin Jung (@jinjung)

Usually when I do these episodes, it’s more about sharing the runner’s run journey but this turned more into two runners/frienss catching up and talking about the past year of running, including the @chevronhoustonmarathon on Sunday. So it’ll be like you pulled up seat to a conversation. .I’ve only seen Jin face to face maybe 3 or 4 times since we met back in 2021 but he’s probably one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters from the running community and vice versa. Just a generally good guy who loves to see you crush goals while he’s crushing his goals. And this year alone, he went from a 3:20Marathon in June to a 3:10:18 on Sunday at Chevron, missing his BQ by 18 seconds. But he’s ready to try for it again this summer. 


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