#2421 – Step Up Your Staircase Style | Privacy Screen Landscaping | Benefits of Metal Roofs

SHOW NOTES: Looking for privacy? Today, we'll explore natural landscaping screens over traditional fencing. Plus, discover the benefits of metal roofing for summer replacements and learn how to easily renovate your stairs for a fresh interior look. Listen in for info to create your best home ever, with tips for projects both big and small! - Stairs: Stepping up the style of your outdated stairs is a great DIY project for home design. - Privacy Screen: Landscaped privacy screens are a natural alternative to building a fence. - Metal Roofs: If you’re thinking about roof replacement, find out the unique benefits of installing a metal roof. Q & A: - Shady Garden: Janet is having a hard time growing plants in the shade. We suggest some plant varieties she can try that thrive in shady gardens. - Cabinets: Brian wants to paint his oak wood cabinets white. He’ll need to strip off the finish, sand the surface, and use an oil-based primer to fill the grain before painting. - Roof Rejuvenation: What’s the best way to extend the life of an old shingle roof? Kelly gets recommendations about the effectiveness of Roof Maxx treatments. - Electrical: Is it worth upgrading 150 amp electrical service to 200 amps? We don’t think it’s necessary unless Alice is really using a lot more power in her home. - Kitchen Flooring: William wants to install bamboo flooring in the kitchen. It’s an excellent choice, along with options like cork flooring or vinyl planks for a different look. - Exterior Paint: The exterior paint on Helen’s house is bubbling up after just two months. The contractor should come back to make sure it’s primed correctly before painting it again. ASK A QUESTION: Need help with your own home improvement or décor question? We’d love to help! Call the show 24/7 at 888-MONEY-PIT (888-666-3974) or post your question here: https://www.moneypit.com/ask. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


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