#2422 – Sizzle in Style: Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips | Cool Metal Roofing | Broken Window Repair

SHOW NOTES: Listen in as we dive into the essentials of designing an amazing outdoor kitchen for your backyard gatherings and then discuss how metal roofs can significantly reduce your cooling costs. Plus, learn how to safely clean up and repair broken windows, and get helpful answers to lots more home improvement questions for all your DIY projects! Outdoor Kitchen: Get ready to sizzle in style with tips for designing an ideal outdoor kitchen. Metal Roofs: Find out why metal roofing is a cool choice for energy efficiency. Window Repair: Broken windows can be a pain in the glass, but here’s how to fix them safely. Q & A: Painting Stucco: The paint on Terry’s stucco exterior didn’t last long. She gets tips on applying primer, the best temperature for paint projects, and using a paint sprayer. Mold Odors: Carolyn can’t get rid of a moldy smell in her kitchen cabinet. We suggest where to look for hidden mold and how to seal the surface with a clear finish. Solar Panels: Should solar panels be installed on the roof or away from the house? Albert gets advice about the lifespan of the roof and seeking open areas for the solar panels. Countertops: Linda gets step-by-step details about a product to refinish old, dark Formica countertops. Electrical: Marcie’s air conditioner keeps tripping the circuit breaker. She may need an electrician to run a dedicated circuit with the proper size wiring. Crown Molding: Installing crown molding above kitchen cabinets can be tricky, but Brian gets tips on how to attach the molding securely without splitting the wood. Soundproofing: Darlene wants to silence the noise between the upstairs and downstairs apartments. Mineral wool insulation and sound-deadening drywall will keep things quiet. Bathtub Repair: There’s no easy way to fix cracks in an old bathtub, but Bill can use a fiberglass repair kit as a temporary solution before renovating or installing a tub insert. ASK A QUESTION: Need help with your own home improvement or décor question? We’d love to help! Call the show 24/7 at 888-MONEY-PIT (888-666-3974) or post your question here: https://www.moneypit.com/ask. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


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