16 Nov 2022 06:00

40: Adventures In Miami (NIGEL'S BIGGEST REJECTION)

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Nigel and Producer Matt come to you today from a studio in Miami Beach and they have lots of stories from their adventures including Nigel’s most tragic rejection, hanging out in a cabana and Producer Matt speaks about his gambling addiction.

0:00 - Nigel’s biggest rejection to date for the most absurd reason you’ve ever heard. Guaranteed.

7:00 - Staying at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach and Producer Matt feels guilty for feeling rough on the day of recording.

17:52 - Why strangers like speaking to Producer Matt and being hit on at the pool.

27:30 - Nigel finds out some juicy gossip about himself and his ex wife and his recent date tried to unlock his phone while he was sleeping.

42:18 - Producer Matt opens up about his gambling addiction and Nigel reveals how he in his own way isn’t supporting gambling companies.

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