14 Jan 2024 11:00

567: What’s Going On In There?

Often we see someone’s situation from the outside and think we know exactly what’s going on. This week, we get inside and find out just how much more interesting the reality of it is.

  • A mysterious tunnel is found in a forest in Toronto. Public speculation is all over the place and totally wrong. Nick Kohler tells Ira the story behind the tunnel. (10 minutes)
  • Act One: A teenager reports what it is like to be inside an abusive relationship with an older man. (29 minutes)
  • Act Two: Larry speaks English. His dad speaks Chinese. They grew up in the same house but Larry could never speak to his dad. After 20 years, with the help of filmmaker Bianca Giaever, he and his dad have their first conversation. (16 minutes)

Transcripts are available at thisamericanlife.org


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