10 Jan 2023 10:00

601. Run Your Way with Lauren Fleshman

"It shouldn’t be this tough. It doesn’t need to be this tough. You shouldn’t need that much toughness to succeed. Of course you need to have drive and need to work hard and all those things. That’s not the kind of toughness I’m talking about. I’m talking about dealing with the unnecessary obstacles that a lot of female athletes are faced with."

Welcome to the new "Run Your Way" series on the Ali on the Run Show. If I've learned anything (and I have, I swear!) from 600 episodes of this show, it's that yes, there are best practices and there is plenty of good running-related advice to go around. Ultimately, though, the best way to run is your way, however that looks. This series will explore what it means to run your way.

First up: former professional athlete and all-around force to be reckoned with, Lauren Fleshman, whose book, Good For a Girl: A Woman Running in a Man's World, is out today. In this conversation, Lauren dives into some of the key themes of the book, and talks about what it was like pouring her heart into these pages, and doing so during a deep depressive time in her life. She shares the most pivotal moments and decisions she faced both during and after her professional career, and explains how she found her way on the run and off. Plus, her best advice for sending the email, her take on the state of the sport in 2023, and so much more.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • On dealing with imposter syndrome (3:35)
  • The part of the book that made me gasp (5:30)
  • What it means to be called “tough” (8:15)
  • How Lauren wrote a book during a major depressive episode, and why writing this book “kicked her ass” (9:40)
  • What Lauren’s relationship with running is like now (15:10)
  • How Lauren talked to her kids about depression (16:00)
  • How writing a book changed Lauren’s relationship with writing (17:30)
  • Who has read Lauren’s book? (21:40)
  • On getting vulnerable in the book, and the stories knew had to be in the book (26:00)
  • Did life ever feel easy for Lauren? (34:45)
  • Lauren talks “sending the email” (38:00)
  • Lauren’s message to people raising young girls (45:15)
  • How Lauren sees the state of the sport today (49:00)

Lauren's previous appearances on the Ali on the Run Show:

"Motherhood LIVE," with Alysia Montaño, Steph Bruce, and Dawn Harper-Nelson, May 2021


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