855: Heidi Carlson: How to Navigate Complex Mother-Daughter Dynamics

Heidi Carlson is a Certified Master Life, Relationship, and Self-Empowerment Coach who helps women navigate complex mother-daughter dynamics. Raised as the youngest of five children to young immigrant parents in an arranged marriage, Heidi faced unique challenges stemming from her parents’ limited life and relationship experience. Growing up in a culture that prioritized people-pleasing over self-prioritization left her without essential life skills, compounded by her parents’ struggling marriage, further complicating her understanding of a healthy relationship. At 19, Heidi's transformative journey began with deep self-discovery and personal growth. Heidi now embodies self-compassion, prioritizes herself, communicates effectively, and maintains boundaries. Her journey also transformed her relationship with her mother. Over the years, Heidi has guided countless women on similar personal growth and healing paths. She is a respected guiding force, inspiring women to take control of their lives and mend their mother-daughter relationships. Listen in to hear Heidi share: Her experience being the youngest of 5 kids, born to immigrant parents who were married at a very young by way of an arranged marriage How her family’s circumstances suppressed her identity How her family dynamics and her trying relationship with her mom led her down a path of personal discovery The impact of her being labeled her mom’s “Mini Me” and how that contributed to her struggles with her identity The significance of healing mother-daughter relationships to show up differently in all areas of your life How consistency played a big role in healing herself and her relationship with her mom What it feels like to shift from someone who was chronically self-sacrificial in relationships to someone who uses her voice, sets boundaries, asks for what she needs in relationships, and goes after what she wants despite other’s opinions Links mentioned: Connect with Heidi: heidicarlsoncoaching.com Email Heidi: [email protected] Heidi on LinkedIn Heidi on FB Heidi on IG We love the sponsors that make this show possible! You can always find all the special deals and codes for all our current sponsors on our website: https://shamelessmom.com/sponsor Interested in becoming a sponsor of the Shameless Mom Academy? Email our sales team at [email protected] Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


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