27 Jan 2023 01:47

865 - Some thoughts on finding your why

A common trap that I fall into is feeling like my “why” needs to be this huge, selfless thing. Like it needs to be Mother Teresa levels of altruism. Something like:

  • Wanting to help underprivileged communities
  • Because you want to fix climate change
  • To support children because they’re our future

And, maybe it would be nice if those were naturally your reason but if they’re not, you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Let's get something straight, your "why" doesn't have to be some big, noble cause or anything like that. It can be something that's all about you and what makes you happy. Yeah…it can be selfish. And in many ways, it SHOULD be selfish. Like, if your why is to start a business because you want to be your own boss and make some serious cash, that's totally fine. The fact that it’s authentic to you is going to ultimately be way more motivating than some PR thing you came up with because it “sounds better”.

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