24 Nov 2022 10:00

A Masterclass On Plant-Based Nutrition

For the past year and a half, we’ve been creating quarterly episodes centered on a singular theme offered as an RRP Masterclass. These compilation episodes are derived from multiple past guests, and today, we focus our attention on plant-based nutrition. To gain the greatest insight into this topic, my team and I mined wisdom from the most esteemed doctors and the foremost experts in nutrition science that have graced the show—individuals who have direct experience with the impacts of a standard American diet, treatment protocols that include lifestyle changes toward plant fuel, the impact, and reversal of serious cardiovascular issues. The full guest list with links to their full episodes is below. Guest list: #678 – Dr. Gemma Newman #664 – Simon Hill #410 – Dr. Dean Ornish #79 – T. Colin Campbell #522 – Dr. Michael Greger #150 – Dr. Garth Davis #507 – Dr. Michael Klaper #492 – Dr. Neal Barnard #140 – Dr. Robert Ostfeld #589 – Drs. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai #349 – Dr. Joel Kahn #325 – Dr. Kim Williams #541 – Dr. Alan Goldhamer Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: InsideTracker: insidetracker.com/RichRoll Matcha: Matcha.com ROKA: roka.com Stride Health: stridehealth.com/richroll Whoop: WHOOP.com Peace + Plants, Rich


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