Aaron Martinez | From Hobby to Full-Time Journalism Photographer | Ep 167

Aaron Martinez joins me to give us the inside info on his rise from Hobbyist photographer to having a FULL-TIME CAREER as a "Visual Journalist" or Staff Photographer for one of USA Today's Circulation of Austin, Texas Newspapers. He shares what worked and what he was missing in his interview process and spills some secrets on how one can join him as a career Journalism Photographer in an industry that is getting tougher and tougher to find a good paying job in. We also here his story of a potentially life-threatening wildlife encounter while in New Mexico and the story behind my absolute favorite picture out of White Sands National Park that Aaron captured years ago! I just LOVE his image! See Aaron's Portfolio here: https://aaronmartinez.myportfolio.com/ See that White Sands image: https://aaronmartinez.myportfolio.com/chasing-light SAVE 50% OFF TEN OF MY WORKSHOPS HERE: https://bit.ly/3pJbhFb This is a 1-DAY sale only, so if you are reading this on Friday, August 20th then CLICK ON THE LINK ASAP! Sale ends at Midnight Friday night! :D -Aaron


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