Welcome to Season 2, Episode 6: Analysis Paralysis.Ever have so much to do you can't get around to doing anything at all? Summertime drought, weeds, and disease pressure can really stunt our enthusiasm about the lawn here in August. Stay the course - fall is right around the corner! Let’s break the cycle and get back in the saddle by prioritizing long term goals through achieving small wins along the way. We will navigate questions like - How much should I be irrigating in the heat of summer? Should I throw down fertilizer to green up my brown and crunchy lawn? What can I do to prevent diseases and other problems in the lawn this summer? Visit our new website for more information on coaching and community:www.TheGrassStationPodcast.comWe can be found @The.Grass.Station.Podcast on Instagram, and @GrassStationPod on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok for real time interaction. If you find this episode helpful, please like, comment, share & subscribe.Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for new content as it becomes available.The Grass Station Podcast:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbm5NaXXm8X7rp0Nf0ygs2ABelow are a few Grass Station approved vendor and product links.Simple Lawn Solutions:https://www.simplelawnsolutions.com/?rfsn=5926621.534683Petra Tools: Save 15% site wide using coupon code GSPOD15www.petratools.comBe sure to follow our sister account @meadowridge.homestead on IG, Facebook, and Tik Tok for a deeper connection with what we have going on around the property. Our homesteading journey has just begun, and more content will be released surrounding the property as a whole in the coming months.


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