19 Jan 2023 08:22

At The End of The Day Ep. 120

Don’t miss out on a Winning Season, head to MyBookie and use my promo code NOJUMPER and you’ll get double your first deposit mybookie.ag Get Coned and give your friend a free Bag too at https://www.bakedbags.com/ with code JUMPERBOGO FOLLOW AD https://www.instagram.com/iitsad FOLLOW KING TRELL https://www.instagram.com/_kingtrell FOLLOW DOKNOW https://www.instagram.com/doknowsworld --- 00:00 Intro 1:10 - TRell apologizes to Potlord for putting him on Back on fig thumbnail with a black eye 5:16 - TRell and AD reminisce over great 90s movies 6:22 - Guys remember the movie “Matilda”, Miss Trunchbull 7:56 - Guys joke about Chucky Cheese, Smac says he grew up off Power Rangers, Arthur, Dragontales, Reading Rainbow 10:37 - TRell ask if watching Jeopardy made you feel dumb, guys joke about “Who wants to be a millionaire” 12:20 - Doknow talks about failing the SAT, TRell says no one would be able to pass green card test to get citizenship 14:07 - Smac calls TRell out jokes that he has a ugly smile, Smac feeling good after coming from the dentist 15:28 - Doknow joins in to roast TRells teeth, TRell fires back 16:16 - My Bookie AD 17:38 - AD speaks on Slow Cuh and Slower Cuh almost got down on Cuhmunity 22:07 - ADs new role as a fight promoter, says a lot of people want to get on undercard of Flakko fight 22:55 - Smac says he wants AD to line up fight between him and PNO 24:31 - TRell and AD try to let Smac know the boxing ring is different from a street fight 25:25 - Flakko vs Akademiks goon, Flakko vs Lush, China Mac vs Nina boy, Crazy Cuh vs Slow Cuh 26:07 - TRell says Keekee should be added to the card vs Pop up owner, Smac says TRell should fight Grove hero 28:16 - Baked Bags AD* 29:11 - Smac asks TRell if he used “Just for men” to color his gray hairs 30:37 - Smac calls his barber and AD asks him if Smac ever gets the dye spray with his haircut, Smac’s barber laughs 33:35 - TRell ask the guys if they’ve unfollowed Gunna yet 34:08 - Guys check to see if Tyga follows TRell back 35:00 - Smac says AE Wanted to get TRell out the way to get next to Tyga, TRell says Mackwop did the same thing to Smac 39:45 - Smac shouts out Letty for following him and leaving him comments, AD reminds Smac Letty is married 41:56 - TRell gives AD props for House Party premiere, Doknow calls AD out for putting everyone in headlocks on the red carpet 43:08 - TRell and Doknow imitate how AD was posing on the red carpet 43:53 - Crazy Cuh calls in to ask AD about his LED Light 46:25 - TRell is shocked to find out Smac doesn’t know what an “emotion” is 47:17 - Doknow throws Smac a situation to improv, Smac nails it 49:56 - AD talks about how big TRells Elevator actually is, TRell says he needs his plaque from Tyga 51:37 - TRell and Smac go at it over their moms, Smac says his mom will beat TRells mom’s a** 54:06 - Would you hop on if you saw your mom getting down? 1:00:34 - Doknow proposes scenario where Moms and your babymomma get down 1:02:15 - Doknow ask if TRell thought his D wasn’t going to work after waking up from his accident 1:03:47 - Smac tells story of his Grandma asking his junk still works after he was shot multiple times 1:04:41 - TRell talks about Adam doing trans panel 1:07:00 - Smac wants to be in the group chat, AD adds him to the groupchat, guys talk about the groupchat being a big argument in the mornings Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


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