Autism In Your Mental Health Mix

Veteran podcaster Lauren Ober suspected something was up and that it went beyond covid stress and professional stress and all the other reasons she had been going to therapy for so long. She had been a journalist for many years and her instinct for the story led her to start piecing together that the life she had been experiencing all this time fit the profile of autism. Well spoiler alert, she tested and found out that, yeah, she’s on the autism spectrum. Then it was a matter of finding therapy that took into her account her neurodivergent brain so she could make some progress. We talk with Lauren about her mental health and her neurological condition.

And we talk with Finn Gratton, a therapist who is autistic and who works with a lot of clients who are as well. They discuss the issue of masking, pretending to not be neurodivergent in a world designed for the neurotypical, and why they don’t believe autism is a disorder.

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