Black Ops Cold War Censored?!? - Unlock your PS5 with your hands! | Power Up Podcast #131

In this week's Power Up Podcast, Taylor is joined by Anthony and Andrew as they recap the week's news, rumors, games being played this week and so much more!

Kicking things off this week, we recap the Apple/Epic Games war over the IOS store and Fortnite. A Judge has ruled that Apple does not need to return Fortnite to the App store.

Following this, the guys discuss Black Ops Cold War getting censored on behalf of the Chinese government! The Transition system for Black Ops Cold War for next-gen consoles is very confusing as well. Depending on what console you own, the buyer must jump through numerous hoops to play Black Ops Cold War.

You can now also Pre Order a PS5 as Sony has made the PS5 available for pre-order.

These were just some of the topics we discussed this week on the Power Up Podcast. Tune in every Saturday at 3pm PST time over on

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