4 Jan 2024 12:03

Bonus Episode: Queer, Jewish Creativity - Reed Love

LGBTQIA+ folks are among the most creative people on this planet, creating realities and reimagining a world from the inside out—not of how things are but to how things could be. Queer creativity is visionary. In what has been a time of isolation for so many people, Reed Love is teaching a mini-course in the UnYeshiva, called Cosmic Bodies: Celebrating Queer & Jewish Creativity, that will serve as a space to connect – to community, to oneself, and to creative curiosity. 

In this bonus episode of Judaism Unbound, Reed Love, founder and project director of We are Stardust, joins Lex Rofeberg to discuss how wonderful queerness is — and how our bodies, minds, and hearts are thoroughly inter-connected.

Register for Cosmic Bodies: Celebrating Queer & Jewish Creativity by clicking here! Financial aid is available, and you can apply for it via this link. Learn more about other courses in the UnYeshiva via www.judaismunbound.com/classes!


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