Breath of the Wild 2 Completed? - Sony Invests in Epic Games! | Power Up Podcast #124

In This week's Power Up Podcast, Taylor is once again joined by Andrew, Matt, and Andrew as they recap the week's news and much more!


Kicking things off on this week's episode, we discuss how Breath of the Wild 2 may be nearing completion with some voice actors having completed their work on the game already! This leads us to speculate as to how far away the new Zelda game may be from launch.


Next Up, Sony has invested a large sum of money into Fortnite Dev Epic games to help propel "new innovation" and encourage growth and evolution within both companies! What could we see out of this new deal?


Into some Tech news now, MSI's CEO Charles Chiang has reportedly died after falling from the 7th storey of a building. We speculate what this could mean for MSI and who could take his place.


These were just some of the topics we discussed this week on the Power Up Podcast. Tune in every Saturday at 3pm PST time over on


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