3 Aug 2022 09:50

China prepares for five days of military exercises around Taiwan

China is preparing five days of military exercises in the sea surrounding parts of Taiwan in a show of force after Nancy Pelosi’s departure. The Speaker of the US House of Representatives left earlier today after a brief but controversial visit. Not long after Mrs Pelosi flew out, the Taiwanese air force said it had to scramble jets to warn off 27 Chinese jets that had entered its self-declared air defence zone. Also in the programme: The surgeon in London who successfully operated on Brazilian twins who were born with their brains fused together tells Newshour about the incredible surgery; and a vote in the American state of Kansas where people voted to retain the constitutional right to abortion. (Photo: A man watches a CCTV news broadcast about joint military operations near Taiwan by the Chinese People's Liberation Army's (PLA) Eastern Theatre Command, at a shopping center in Beijing, China, August 3, 2022. REUTERS/Thomas Peter)


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