1. Bag Lady (I Wonder) - Ebn-Ozn2. Electric Barbarella (Tee's Club Mix) - Duran Duran3. Sub-culture (Razormaid! Mix) - New Order4. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Release Mix) - Depeche Mode5. Music That You Can Dance To (Razormaid! Mix) - Sparks6. Love Glove (Full Version) - Visage7. Clear Trails - Shriekback8. European Son (12" Version) - Japan9. Let's Go To Bed (Extended Version) - The Cure10. When Smokey Sings (Detroit Mix) - ABC11. No Stars (Unreleased Original Remix) - Figures On A Beach12. Blue Savannah (Razormaid! Mix) - Erasure13. Disenchanted (12" Version) - Communards14. No Gift Refused (Extended Version) - Until December15. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Simple MindsNotes and other random things:50 episodes! Kind of a nice accomplishment, if I may say so. Not sure why 50 is any more important than, say, 47 or 5 or 19. I certainly don't want to be numerically discriminatory or anything like that, but maybe if those other numbers were divisible by something other than themselves and 1 they might get more publicity. So, I'll celebrate reaching the 50-episode milestone because not only is 50 equal to half a hundred, but it is divisible by lots of other cool numbers. On to the bands ...The first band I'd like to mention here is the first band in this podcast: Ebn-Ozn. Many of you are probably aware of the excellent "AEIOU Sometimes Y", which also appeared on CRC #28, but most of you may not be aware of their tune "Bag Lady", which was a Top 40 Club hit and minor radio hit. Both songs appeared on the group's only full-length album called "Feeling Cavalier", which is notable for being the first album to be recorded entirely on a Fairlight CMI sampling keyboard. That makes Ebn-Ozn one of the true pioneers of the sampling culture which was just starting to take hold in the early 80s. If you haven't seen the video to "Bag Lady", it featured one Imogene Coca, better known as Aunt Edna in National Lampoon's Vacation movie. Go take a look. I'll wait ...Okay, we're back live.


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