Al Kingsley is the CEO of NetSupport and Chair of a Multi-Academy Trust

As well as his CEO and Chair roles, Al is an FED Co-chair of two groups, Chair of the BESA EdTech Group, member of Forbes Technology Council, and chairs his regional Employment and Skills Board. He’s a well-known face in EdTech speaking internationally; the author of “My Secret #EdTech Diary” and co-author of “A Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education”.



Show Highlights

  • Interesting ideas on how to roll out and adopt technology
  • Create a school that's actually responsive to community needs.
  • Be a firm believer in lifelong learning and become an Edu sponge. 
  • Reevaluating how to effectively label, measure and validate high performing schools.
  • The misalignment between high stakes tests and student performance. 
  • How to be a school responsive to the students and the community you’re in front of needs?
  • Stop buying technology that doesn't deliver and adopt a strong digital vision within your school or district.

Al Kingsley Transcript

“I think that that love of learning really comes down to inquisitiveness and that sense of actually, the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know.”


“The one thing I want every child to leave school with is a love of learning and a passion to learn more. Not a sense of ``I've got through that and never again.’”

-Al Kingsley

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