16 Feb 2024 12:00

EP153 HVACR Horizons: From 12-Year-Old Prodigies to Industry Pioneers With Eric & Bill (February 2024)

In this episode Eric Kaiser and Bill Spohn review their experiences and insights from the 5th Annual HVACR School training symposium. They start by discussing the symposium's popularity, noting it had a cap of 300 attendees, indicating a high level of interest and engagement within the community. A highlight mentioned is a 12-year-old attendee, Atley D., who exemplified passion and intelligence for the HVAC trade, showcasing the diverse range of participants and the potential for young talent in the industry.

They also cover various aspects of the symposium, such as the focus on practical learning sessions, tool and instrument selection workshops, and the integration of home performance into HVAC businesses. These discussions underscore the event's comprehensive approach to professional development in the HVACR field, emphasizing both technical skills and broader industry perspectives.

Furthermore, they touch upon the importance of inclusivity and diversity, particularly the representation of women in the trade. A panel discussion on this topic is highlighted, indicating an ongoing effort to address gender disparities and foster a more welcoming environment for all professionals.

Overall, they saw a vibrant and dynamic community focused on education, innovation, and inclusivity within the HVACR industry, underscoring the symposium's role in advancing professional standards and encouraging new talent.

The launch of the #betterHVAC initiative (www.betterHVAC.org) happened at the event and underscores the concepts that bring us all together at the symposium Learn Continuously Do Ethically Share Openly

You can still get a ticket to watch videos of the sessions for only $26 here:


In closing, our industry owes a debt of Bryan Orr for creating this community and to his team at Kalos and his family for making it all happen to the delight of the participants.

This episode was recorded in February 2024.


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