23 Feb 2024 12:00

EP154 Closing the Gap: AeroSeal's Quest for Net-Zero Buildings With Amit Gupta (January 2024)

In this episode of the podcast hosts Eric Kaiser and Bill Spohn welcomed Amit Gupta from AeroSeal, a company specializing in duct sealing technology. Amit shared the backstory of AeroSeal, which was originally founded based on technology invented by Dr. Mark Modera at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The technology struggled to gain traction under its initial ownership by Carrier, leading Amit, who was working at Carrier post-MBA, to see the potential for significant energy efficiency improvements in homes through duct sealing. Amit's passion for the technology led to the acquisition and reboot of AeroSeal as an independent company in 2010, focusing on sealing ducts, building envelopes, and potentially underground gas pipelines to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste.

AeroSeal's technology addresses the inefficiency and energy loss in buildings by sealing air ducts and envelopes with a patented process that injects micron-sized particles to seal leaks from the inside. This approach is likened to a "fix-a-flat" for buildings, aiming to significantly reduce energy waste and contribute to the net-zero energy building goal. Amit highlighted the vast potential impact of their technology, noting that buildings contribute to a significant portion of CO2 emissions and energy consumption, primarily through heating and cooling. By improving the sealing of ducts and envelopes, AeroSeal aims to address this inefficiency systematically, offering a solution for both new construction and existing buildings.

The conversation also touched on the challenges and opportunities in promoting AeroSeal's technology. Amit discussed the common acceptance of inefficient HVAC systems by homeowners and the industry's gradual shift towards recognizing the importance of energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The technology's application ranges from residential homes to iconic commercial buildings, demonstrating its scalability and effectiveness. Amit emphasized the importance of action and awareness in adopting such technologies to make a tangible impact on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

This episode was recorded in January 2024.


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