30 May 2022 05:45

Ep 270: Chaos Theory (Ft. Leah McSweeney)

We have a returning guest on the pod this week! Mandii and Weezy are joined by Leah McSweeney, cast member of RHONY, owner of Married to the Mob and author “Chaos Theory”. Leah explains her Leah Bitchisms before diving into Chaos Theory- literally. We discuss drug usage and rehab amongst her journey to finding herself and becoming the unapologetic bad ass that many have grown to love. From those who slut shame to how you can move on from your soul mate, let’s GET INTO IT!! You can follow this week’s guest Leah on Instagram @leahmob Shop Married to the Mob at mttmnyc.com Purchase Leah McSweeney’s memoir “Chaos Theory” now available wherever you purchase books and on Audible If you want to share a heaux mail or heaux tale, email us at [email protected] Follow the hosts on social media Weezy @Weezywtf & Mandii B @Fullcourtpumps and follow the Whoreible Decisions pages Instagram @whoreible_decisions Twitter @whoreiblepod Don't forget to tag #whoreibledecisions or @ us to let us know what you think of this week's episode! Want more? Bonus episodes, merch and more Whoreible Decisions!! Become a Patron at Patreon.com/whoreibledecisions Want some Whoreible Decisions merchandise? GET YOURS NOW AT WHOREHIVE.COM Visit Officialboxowner.com now and receive 15% off your entire purchase when you use promo code: WDP ALL OBO PRODUCTS CURRENTLY $10!! GET YOURS NOW!

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