23 Jan 2023 05:00

Episode 158: "Hood Blues" (w/ Youngintrue)

The street-themed undertones and high-end fashion references are something that most rap fans take to when they hear a singer deliver their vocals mixed in with that type of content. When it comes to R&B most people naturally think “heartbreak and love songs” but this particular artist we have on the podcast this week has created a lane for himself that he classifies as “Hood Blues” and we cant get enough of it. Youngintrue is an artist/producer/songwriter who grew up in Jamaica Plain’s notorious Bromley Heath projects and has a story to share along with a very keen ear for music. While he’s made a name for himself as a singer and a rapper, he’s also produced for many artists from the scene that we enjoy and it’s about time that we talk to Truliano to learn more about him after the release of his latest project “Schenel’s Son”. Join Charlie MaSheen, Shanelle Shanté, and KASH as we welcome Youngintrue to the show to discuss his story, losing his brother as a child then later losing his mother in his teenage years, how he felt about our rating for his latest body of work, and SO MUCH MORE! Truly and unsung hero from the town, and we’re glad that he pulled up to talk with us. TAP IN‼️ 

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