14 Feb 2023 05:00

Episode 161: "God's Child" (w/ Luke Bar$)

Artistry is such a loosely used term these days and we often forget how much work and effort goes into creating something so physically intangible as music. Its a feeling that can’t be described but once you experience it, you just know it’s right. That sensation holds true for a lot of listeners who heard Luke Bar$ for the first time. After recently dropping a masterfully put together project titled “Angels Never Die”, Luke pulls up on us— without his Van Buren Records brothers this time and gives us more insight on who he is as an artist. With every record we hear from the Brockton bred MC we fall more in love with his story and the way he expresses himself not only lyrically but visually and sonically. Join Charlie MaSheen, Shanelle Shanté, & KASH as they host Luke Bar$ in a conversation about his work, his faith, the growth from his 2020 body of work “GoodEvil” till now, & SO MUCH MORE‼️ TAPP INNNNN‼️‼️

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