27 Feb 2023 05:00

Episode 163: "The Elevation" (w/ 8 Zipp)

If you’re truly a fan of this diverse Boston Hip-Hop scene it would be fair to say 8 Zipp is one of your favorites. Not only is he one of ours, he’s one of the most consistent and exciting names when it comes to street sounds. It hasn’t even been a full 6 months since the last time we welcomed the Shooterz Muzik artist to the pod, but with what’s been going on with his brand we felt it was only right for him to make another appearance & deliver another classic #RedCupsAndRap freestyle like he always does! Join Charlie MaSheen & KASH as we talk to 8 Zipp about his two most recent EPs “Talk To My City, I Know They Listening” & “Beauty & The Beast” (with $hayBand$), his recent work with Frank Nino out of Springfield, rockin stages with 38 Spesh & Fuego Base, AND SO MUCH MORE‼️ What we love the most about Zipp’s appearances is every time he comes on the show, he shows us a different version of himself and the hunger for more is evident. This is definitely a conversation you dont want to miss. TAP IN‼️



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