6 Mar 2023 05:00

Episode 164: "Boston Family Three" (w/ Chavo)

Growing up in the music business comes with many different experiences for different people. Depending on what you’ve been exposed to, it may shy you away from looking at the industry as a career path. This week we’ve had the opportunity to talk to the SossHouse artist Chavo, and he allowed us to get some insight on what is was like growing up as Benzino’s oldest son, amongst other things. In his pursuit of his own path in music, Chavo tells us more about his story growing up in Boston then leaving to Miami and ultimately Atlanta to plant his roots and make his own connections. These moves led to a relationship with Pi’erre Bourne and getting signed to his label. Over the years Chavo has built a cult-like following with his laid back flow and witty lyrics. Luckily for us we were able to sit down with him during a live podcast recording that followed a Meet & Greet at The Garage Media Center. Join Charlie MaSheen, Shanelle Shanté, & KASH as we host the “Michigan” rapper in a conversation about his upbringing, his musical career thus far, his healthy relationship with his father & siblings, & SO MUCH MORE! We view Chavo as Boston Hip Hop royalty and we loved how open and candid he was with this conversation. A LOT OF GEMS WERE DROPPED SO MAKE SURE YALL TAP IN‼️

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