13 Mar 2023 04:00

Episode 165: "Take Risks And Prosper" (w/ CAEV)

The fact that we can say we had somebody on the show 102 episodes ago makes us feel good about the support you all have shown us in the past 3 years. On episode 63 "Might Don't Make It" we welcomed the Dorchester native CAEV to the platform for the first time and it was definitely one to remember! This time around is no different with the "Dirty Dorchester N*gga" pulling up with great energy and a lot to talk about since the last time we spoke. There have been A LOT of drops and he's back with his latest project "Take Risks And Prosper (Trap)" which we loved and recently rated the week prior. Join Charlie MaSheen & KASH as we host CAEV in a less inebriated state but just as entertaining while we discuss the artist's music, his ups and downs in LA, messy relationship situations, how COVID-19 ruined an opportunity to get signed to a label and SO MUCH MORE! We also ended the podcast with another classic #RedCupsAndRap freestyle!!! TAP IN!!!BE SURE TO CHECK OUT "Take Risks and Prosper (Trap)" by CAEV AVAILABLE ON ALL DSPs NOW!!

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