21 Mar 2023 04:00

Episode 166: "The Hustle Academy" (w/ Grimey Gurt)

Charlie MaSheen has once described #Boston as “the biggest small city in the world” due to our global influence and history. In comparison to other larger cities in the country, the housing projects here may not be as big in size but they make up for it in infamy; like Academy Homes in our coveted #Roxbury. This is where our guest Grimey Gurt hails from and his reputation within the rap scene out here falls right in line with the name of his neighborhood. Gurt has been around for a while now and has always been respected for his ability to paint a clear picture of his environment through his lyrics. Through his #RoxburyStateOfMind series he’s been able to give you hood tales with detail that would give anybody the stank face while listening to his accords. Needless to say its been long over due for this conversation and with Gurt gearing up for a slew of releases, its only right that he pulls up on us to tell us what the #ManWithThePan has cookin for us! Join #CharlieMaSheen & #KASH as we host Grimey Gurt & his boy #TipHustle who legit touched down days before this episode as we talk about their stories and whats next to come from them. THE #RedCuosAndRap FREESTYLES THAT WE ENDED WITH ARE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 AS EXPECTED SO DONT SNOOZE — TAP IN‼️ - - - - - - - - - - - - - -#CWTFBradio #ChooseWhatTheFutureBrings #CWTFB #BlackCultureThroughMusic #Podcast #BostonPodcast #BlackPodcast #MusicPodcast #BostonMusicPodcast #BostonRap #NewEnglandHipHop #HipHopCulture #BostonCulture #BostonHipHop #DopeBlackPods #YoutubePodcasts #TheGarageMedia #TheSoundLab #TheSoundLabStudios #AcademyHomes 

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