EPISODE 3: A Bloody Fingerprint, A Bent Fire Poker, and Mystery DNA

The knife used to kill John Sheridan is just the first of many clues casting doubt on law enforcement’s conclusion of murder suicide. A newspaper crime reporter, a veteran homicide detective out of Philly, and a whistleblower point to significant pieces of evidence that have been disregarded—even thrown into a dumpster. Although Mark has the state attorney general and the county prosecutor on direct dial, he still gets stonewalled. The authorities assure the political insider that his parents had a dark secret, which will eventually come to light. Mark isn’t convinced. Instead, as he goes through his parent’s papers, he stumbles into a different fight.

New voices interviewed in episode:

• Barbara Boyer, reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer

• Eddie Rocks, veteran homicide detective, retired from the Philadelphia police.

• Lawrence Kobilinski, professor emeritus, department of sciences at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York

• Professor Keith Taylor, professor, Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (and a former NYPD detective)


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