Episode 41: How to make rabid fans. Die Epic's fans are so Loyal 200 of them got the logo as a Tattoo.

You read that right. Die Epic's rabid fan base powers Daniel Dimassa's business. Learn how he grew a brand that sells worldwide from his laptop. Topics Include:Print on Demand, Screenprinting, Amazon FBA, Trademark Fights, Almost punching the Rock's stunt double, and why so many brands never make their first 10k in sales.Brought to you by Printavo.com for $50 off your first month click https://www.printavo.com/r/cole and enter promo code "Cole" | For 15% off any course or book from Teeacher.com use promo code "Cole" | & for 5% off Any ROQ automatic screen-printing press use code "cole 5%" when you talk to your sales rep. (this could save you THOUSANDS!)Thanks for listening guys! Please leave a review so more people can find the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.And as Always- ShirtAgency.com


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