20 Dec 2021 01:00

Evolving Ground w/ Charlie Awberry, Jared Janes, & David Chapman

In 2020 Charlie Awberry & Jared Janes came together to start a new kind of Vajrayana Sangha, called Evolving Ground. In this conversation, Vince Horn, was joined by both Charlie & Jared, as well as by Charlie's partner David Chapman–who has been becoming more involved in the project as of late–to explore what they've been up to this past year. In addition, they discuss some of the similarities between what is happening in Buddhist Geeks and with Evolving Ground, both of which are communities that are striving to approach things from a meta-systematic point of view.

Episode Links:

🔗 Evolving Ground

🔗 Evolving Ground Roles

🐥 Evolving Ground on Twitter

🔗 Meaningness

👤 Robert Kegan

🔗 Buddhist Geeks Network

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