23 Jan 2023 10:27

Ex-Feminist Explains How She Got Red Pilled & Became a Tradwife

Rebecca Barrett goes in depth with Adam about high-value men, dating, marriage, red pill and more! ----- 00:00 Intro 3:32 Rebecca on pursuing her mechanical engineering degree, studying robotics 4:59 Rebecca talks about working on oil rigs, being the only girl amongst hundreds of creepy men, and how this created her repulsion for men 8:05 Rebecca on starting her first company creating an airport app 10:33 Adam says that women have changed fundamentalists due to algorithms 13:00 Rebecca on attending women's conferences and says that all they do in these conferences is bash men 15:00 Rebecca says the feminism was never rooted in equality and Adam compares them to white supremecists 20:00 Rebecca on growing up as a tomboy and how society is pushing gender fluidity 22:07 Rebecca lists the different types of feminists and boils it all down to, "they all just don't like men 26:14 Adam and Rebecca say that CEO's cannot afford to hire woke people considering they could take the company down 30:40 Rebecca on when she first got "red pilled" 34:50 Rebecca on being told she was a miserable person by people that loved her and being extremely thankful for that 38:20 Adam and Rebecca give there takes on the phrase "pick me" 49:30 Rebecca says that birth control makes you desire beta men and women being repulsed by their man when they're off of it 53:26 Rebecca on losing a lot of friends after separating herself from Feminism 1:02:29 Rebecca on choosing to trust her husband, following his lead and focusing on being a housewife/mom 1:05:50 Rebecca talks wanting to homeschool her children and using the information she's learned and pouring that into her kids 1:08:00 Rebecca and Adam on men needing time to decompress after coming home from work 1:11:00 Rebecca speaks on being pro-marriage and disagrees with the manosphere's take on the lack of incentive for marriage 1:12:30 Rebecca on feeling like there needs to be a change in child support 1:16:00 Rebecca speaks on the system needing to put more accountability on the woman's side 1:18:40 Rebecca on women not seeking men in their hometowns, but rappers and celebrities 1:20:50 Rebecca breaks down "tr*ns maxing" 1:23:30 Rebecca calls Blaire White a very "passable" 1:30:05 Adam advice to any women looking to pursue an adult industry career and the repercussions 1:36:17 Rebecca says that women will always look to date up and men will date down considering they have the option to "cherry pick" their women 1:41:40 Rebecca speaks on not believing that high value men should be able to cheat as stated by the "manosphere" and that's what's being sold to men currently 1:46:10 Adam says that there is no value in sleeping around as women and it's vice versa for men 2:03:20 Rebecca gives her take on JustPearlyThings, calls her "unoffendable" and says that the notoriety isn't going to go to her head 2:11:10 Rebecca's problem with people digging up old offensive tweets when times were different Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


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